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From Wilderness to Wild


An Immersive, 8-week Program. 


Details coming soon.  

Discover how to engage with the wild, living landscape in a way that nurtures deep connection with nature and restores wholeness in self.  Learn what it is to become interconnected with the local terrain through perceptual participation - a moment to moment, shifting, sensuous interaction between self and living landscape. 

Learn to use your movement and perceptual senses (seeing, hearing, touching, discovering) as you may not have done since childhood.  A profound, primordial way of being that has deep roots in the terrain.  A way of slowing down, putting technology, distractions, "should be’s” and “have to do” lists aside.  A process of learning how to move with ease, pay attention to the pleasure of the details in yourself, and in the landscape around you.  Attune to the quality of your posture, the rhythm of your breathing, the evolving nature of your movement.  Discover how to shift that quality, connect to that rhythm, adapt the nature of your movement into a meaningful experience with the living landscape. 


As you clarify your perceptual senses internally and externally, a special thing happens as you connect to nature - in as much as you show up in the landscape, it begins to intercept you, too, so that you are able to experience in a full and immersive way the afternoon sunlight falling through the pine needles at this particular hour of the day, the subtle and captivating forest floor scent wafting from layers of aspen leaves mingling with your footsteps … experiencing these and an endless, living world of sensuous elements; an ongoing web of living connection which has always been here here, since the beginning of time, happening, ready to inform our experience when we are ready to pay attention.  

Become a student of subtle differences through a re-cultivation of your innate senses and and the wild nature of your movement, discovering how this leads you into direct relationship with the local terrain and restores a deep and primal sense of wholeness in self.

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