Touching base & updates in response to COVID-19

Hello All,

I know that everyone is closely following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments. I am keeping myself informed (while continuing to move, breathe, and implement my entire tool box of wellness techniques) during this time in order to make decisions and adapt in ways to best support the health and well-being of myself and each of you.   My mission, first and foremost, has always been about wellness - - moving and cultivating awareness through Feldenkrais and natural movement, and teaching this so that we all may continue to move and live our lives in ways that build health over our lifetimes. For the current moment, classes and sessions will continue as usual.  Here are some things you can do to keep yourself and our community healthy:

  • If you prefer, bring your own mat/sheet/blanket/towels to class (we will be wiping down studio mats and equipment after all classes and sessions).

  • Try to arrive a little early to allow time to wash your hands before classes/sessions; and wipe down mats and wash your hands after.  

  • Plan to bring some extra clothing layers to classes and sessions, as, weather permitting, I will aim to keep doors and windows cracked open for air flow.

  • It goes without saying, but please stay home if you’re feeling sick, or have been in close contact with anyone who is sick. I am following these same guidelines.  

  • Our facilities are doing their utmost to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone.  

And, this is a gentle reminder to utilize the principles and practices we've been cultivating in each of our Feldenkrais and natural movement classes and sessions:  Breathe.  Remember to feel your feet on the floor; the length of your spine, the support of your pelvis.  When things feel more difficult, rather than pushing harder into the difficulty, ease off, do a little less, be softer, make it simpler, even look for the pleasant sensation.  

Movement, mindful exercise, breathing, awareness - these are all essential components to support a strong, healthy, and resilient nervous system AND immune system, especially during times of stress.  My aim is to continue to provide these practices and resources during this difficult time.  I will continue to stay informed and adapt as the current situations develops, and will keep you updated via email with details and plans moving forward.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.  If you decide you are not going to attend classes or sessions, please let me know so I can be aware of this.  I am brainstorming ideas to continue to offer my resources and services remotely via online classes and sessions, if and when this becomes necessary, and I would love to hear your feedback, thoughts, and ideas as we all move forward together. Be well, breathe, sense your feet on the floor, keep moving,


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