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I help men and women of all ages develop an engaging and sustainable movement practice that goes beyond reducing pain and rehabilitating injury; you are so much more than a rote set of exercises, and our work together will provide you the revitalizing opportunity to :

Discover Ease In Movement.

Restore Natural Human Movement.

Potentiate Your Capability, At Any Stage Of Life

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Ashley Rowe





Discover Ease in Movement.

Through a blend of awareness, gentle movement and an understanding of the profound capacities of the nervous system, I help those who feel limited and worn down by pain, injury, or stress to discover an easier, simpler, and more sustainable approach to movement.   


Together, we'll build a tool box of practical resources, functional movement explorations, and unique insights personalized for you and your current situation.


  You'll be able to start changing the things that are not working for you, so that you can discover what easy movement feels like, and experience how this directly relates to feeling more capable and connected in your life.  



Reconnect to Natural Human Movement.

Natural human fitness is just that - it's intrinsically human, deeply rooted in your DNA, and produces progressive, measurable, real world results.


Fitness should be a personalized process, not an objective goal; it should be an engaging and ever-evolving process, building up your natural capabilities and developing your real world strength to sustain you over a lifetime.


My aim is to help you build a pain-free, mentally engaging, and physically dynamic movement practice. This very unique approach to fitness safely builds your strength and agility from the ground up, nurtures practical flexibility and mobility, and helps you establish balance and movement efficiency that will directly cross over into your daily life, so that your workout is not just for the sake of working out, but rather to support your full human potential across all walks of life.


Wondering where to start? 


Let's schedule a free intro call. 


A fundamental aspect to my approach is taking the time to understand your unique situation, and what it is you are looking for, so that we can find out whether my work can help you, and how to get the most out of the process if we decide to work together.  Let's set up a free call - we'll meet via phone, get a clearer understanding of your unique situation, and discover how I can best support you moving forward.

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