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Discover Ease in Movement.

Reconnect to Natural Human Movement.

Restore Wholeness in Self.

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Ashley Rowe





Discover Ease in Movement.

Through a blend of awareness, gentle movement and an understanding of the profound capacities of the neuroplastic brain, I help those who feel limited or worn down by pain, injury, and stress to discover an easier, smoother, and more sustainable way of moving and interacting in their lives.    


Together, we create a tool box of practical resources, functional movement explorations, and unique insights personalized for you and your current situation.


  You'll be able to start changing the things that are not working for you, so that you can discover what easy movement feels like, and experience how this directly relates to feeling whole in yourself.  In turn, you restore your ability to show up in your life in a more vibrant and self-reliant way.  



Reconnect to natural human movement.

Find your innate capability to exercise in a way that safely builds strength & agility, nurtures flexibility & mobility, and allows you to move in a way that truly feels good for your mind and body. 


You are biologically wired to move naturally, to move like a human being - think crawling, sitting and moving around comfortably on the floor, getting up and down off the floor efficiently, breathing optimally, balancing on a variety of surfaces without falling, walking without aches and pains, picking up and carrying heavy objects safely, throwing and catching with apt hand-eye coordination, jumping without jostling your joints, maintaining grip strength to hold heavy objects and hang from a bar...


These are movements we all once did as children, movements our ancestors all utilized for survival; this type movement, Natural Movement, is fun, freeing, vital, and it is your human birthright



Let's schedule a free intro call.

A fundamental part of my approach is taking the time to understand your unique situation and what it is you are looking for, so that we can find out whether my work can can help you, and how to get the most out of the process if we decide to work together.  No two people are the same, and I believe there's no one-size-fits-all approach to movement, health, and transformative well-being.  


Let's set up a free call - we'll meet via phone, get a clearer understanding of your unique situation, and discover how I can best support you in moving forward.

A person is made up of three entities: the nervous system, which is the core; the body – skeleton, viscera and muscles; and the environment, which is space, gravitation, and society. These three aspects, each with its material support and its activity, together give a working picture of a human being."

Moshe Feldenkrais

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