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This type of movement, natural human movement, is very different from our common, modern day movement and exercise routines.  We're told that we need to "move more, lose weight, get active, and get motivated."  And yet, specialized sports and "no pain no gain" fitness classes tend to wear out our joints and ligaments and lead to chronic aches and injuries.  Diligent fitness routines in the gym often lead to repetitive bicep curls, mind-numbing walking on the treadmill and outright boredom over time.

Couple this with the ever increasing amount of time we spend sitting and not moving (for work, for leisure, in the car, as we eat, as we interact with family and friends), and the modern day human, very often without even realizing it, becomes caught in an unhealthy, stress-inducing, injury-triggering, and very limiting range of movement and exercise in their day to day lives.


Our bodies are built to be very adaptable, meaning we get really good at what we do the most.  So as we move less and connect less (to one another, to nature, and to our ability to feel motivated and vibrant in the way we move and approach our health), we become quite adapted to this way of being.  This becomes the "norm", and we forget that there is another possibility - a capability within each of us that begins with natural human movement.  

At the heart of natural movement is the belief that this way of moving is universally accessible to everyone - every woman, man, and child of every age, gender, race, and background.  It is something we all have in common.  Whether it's been 30 years since you last crawled on the ground and played catch, or you're already an avid hiker or are dedicated to working out at the gym, this natural movement approach will meet you where you're at, to help you reconnect and build your full range of human movement skills and discover capabilities that will surprise you. 


Ashley offers a comprehensive, holistic, and mindful approach to natural human movement.  Having come from a background of high level athletic training and many hours of anatomical and movement training, she is keen at seeing and understanding natural form, with an emphasis on gentle, restorative, and safe teaching.  After discovering how to heal from her own acute and chronic injuries incurred during extensive pre-professional ballet training, she now believes that your well-being and safety are at the forefront of all movement, and that this is essential in helping you to develop healthy, vibrant, sustainable movement practices that can truly become yours, are engaging and fun, and support your longevity through every stage of life.

You may find it useful to begin with a free intro call so that you and Ashley can chat, and together discover what variety of movement offerings may can support you right now.

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