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Functional Integration Private Sessions

Private sessions are one on one sessions that take place fully clothed on a low Feldenkrais table. Each session is articulated to meet your individual needs.  Sessions utilize soft, gentle, non-invasive touch, movement, and verbal cues. Changes in movement and comfort can be felt almost immediately and will continue to evolve and develop with time.  Sessions may address specific aches, pains, and injuries, reduce stress, address post surgery rehabilitation, or support overall health and well-being.


If you are interested in how these sessions can help you, please contact Ashley or click the button below to schedule an initial free phone call so that we can to get to know one another, discuss your needs, and better understand how my work can support.  

Personal Training Private Sessions

Natural Movement's comprehensive, holistic and mindful approach to the full range of natural human movement capabilities is designed to be accessible to anyone, anywhere, regardless of current fitness experience.  Sessions are safe and adaptable, and begin in a regulated indoor environment, progressing over time to varying environments including the park and other outdoor locations.  Students are provided with individual and appropriate regressions and progressions for each movement aptitude.  Each session addresses your individual abilities and goals for that given day, as well as the long term picture.  

"I was fortunate enough to combine a trip to Santa Fe with a number of sessions with Ashley. I’ve had ongoing back pain for the last couple of months, tried conventional therapies and nothing worked. Ashley is a wonderfully caring practitioner of Feldenkrais. She brings extensive knowledge and experience. The sessions helped a great deal with my back pain, and she taught me exercises and new ways of moving that will continue to help. I can’t say enough about this experience, it was amazing."

- Maria Bonnet