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Private Sessions are available in person at my Santa Fe office, and online via Zoom for those who

prefer to work together remotely or live outside of town.


Functional Integration® 

Private Sessions

These one-on-one, hour long sessions take place fully clothed on a low Feldenkrais table. Each session is articulated to meet your individual needs, by means of soft, gentle, non-invasive touch, movement, and verbal cues. Changes in movement, comfort, and overall well-being can be felt almost immediately and will continue to evolve and develop with time. 

How does Feldenkrais Functional Integration differ from other modalities you may have tried in the past?  Most other approaches are not movement based, but rather focus on individual body parts or pain points, and target these specific areas.  

During our time together, I will help you to become aware of the way you move, and why this is having a direct effect on whether you experience pain, difficulty, and stress, or ease, comfort and well-being.  My aim is to help you move in a more integrated way, not only physically - utilizing the full capacity of your skeletal structure - but through integrating mind, body, and environment.  When you develop a new understanding and felt sense of this, things change dramatically; not only in your physical comfort, but in your ability to participate in your life, your loved activities, and meet the continual changes and stages of life with capacity, vitality, and ease.  Furthermore, during our time together, we'll create a personalized tool box of resources, information, movement explorations, and clarified awareness that is yours, so that the changes you experience during our work together are sustainable and can be integrated into your life.

Fitness Training 
Private Sessions

I work with women and men of all ages to rediscover what it means to train real world capability, and build a pain-free, mentally engaging, and physically dynamic fitness practice. 

If you're feeling uninspired with your current workouts, feeling obligated to stay fit but dread going to the gym, or maybe you enjoy your current fitness routine but you keep getting injured, or worn down, or maybe you've never been that athletic, but you feel like it's too late to start, or you've been injured and you want your strength back, but you're afraid to do more harm...
If so, you're in the perfect place to discover a whole new approach to what it means to exercise, increase mobility, nurture strength, and explore your full potential.  

I was fortunate enough to combine a trip to Santa Fe with a number of sessions with Ashley. I’ve had ongoing back pain for the last couple of months, tried conventional therapies and nothing worked. Ashley is a wonderfully caring practitioner of Feldenkrais. She brings extensive knowledge and experience. The sessions helped a great deal with my back pain, and she taught me exercises and new ways of moving that will continue to help. I can’t say enough about this experience, it was amazing."


- Maria Bonnet

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