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I have been lucky enough to experience and benefit from Ashley Rowe's work through her Feldenkrais classes, MovNat classes, as well as private sessions. She is thoroughly trained in many aspects physical form and healthy fitness; and brings a natural sensitivity, as well as an articulate and elegant teaching and interpersonal style to her work. She is passionate about her work and embodies it herself, providing a beautiful and inspiring model for everything she offers.

Daven Lee

Santa Fe, NM

I had chronic knee problems for years, even after four knee surgeries.  The pain was distorting my gait and seriously reducing my range of activities.  Friends recommended that I try Feldenkrais Method with Ashley Rowe.  It sounded new age-y, so I resisted for quite a while.  It turns out not to be new age-y and, through Ashley’s skillful and gentle guidance, I am now pain free and able to hike and bike again.  Combining what Ashley has taught me about skeletal awareness with fitness conditioning, I have a new pair of legs and feel much better overall.  Ashley is really good at this.   

​ Dan Yohalem

Santa Fe, NM

Ashley is an amazing teacher. Her directions are clear and her observations are spot on. She knows how to assist us in fine tuning our movements in subtle ways that can make all the difference. I have experienced lightness and grace when I walk out the door.

Ann Folks

Santa Fe, NM

"Ashley is a truly gifted practitioner. As a fellow practitioner, I am very choosy about the practitioners I choose to work with or choose to send friends to. Ashley is a practitioner that other somatic educators want to learn from. I have sent friends to Ashley, because I know that they are in the best of hands. Ashley is gentle and compassionate yet clear and so grounded. If ever you have the opportunity to have a lesson from Ashley, I can assure you that you will walk away learning something about yourself and your movement that you didn't know before, that you will feel heard and empowered. Ashley's sessions are quiet and gentle and oh. so. powerful!"

Leighanne Shelton

Denver, CO

"Feldenkrais with Ashley Rowe has been interesting, enjoyable, and beneficial.  She is a resourceful and perceptive practitioner as she gently explores problems and possibilities, leading me on the path in which I rediscover and recover ease of movement. I highly recommend her to others whose accumulated life experiences place them in need of rediscovering ease within themselves."​

Tony Arnold

Author of Rhythm and Touch, The Fundamentals of Craniosacral Therapy

"I've been hooked on the Feldenkrais method ever since Ashley taught her first  Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class. Through the ATM classes and the one-on-one Functional Integration (hands-on) sessions with Ashley, I have discovered a new awareness of the intricacies within my body. With her steady and intuitive guidance I continue to learn new ways of listening to my body's needs on a smaller, more focused scale and to implement that awareness during daily life. The low impact nature of Feldenkrais has been a huge relief in this world of go, go, go. And, as a person with a laundry list of aches and pains, this method has proven to be an ideal solution for me. It's never about pushing too hard, but always about listening to the body.


For anyone looking to connect with their body in a kind and gentle atmosphere, I absolutely recommend Ashely. She has proven to be both an incredible teacher and a skilled practitioner."


Santa Fe, NM

Ashley really knows and understands Feldenkrais...her intuitive insight and gentle ways have greatly influenced my body to change in greater awareness and movement.  I have received great relief with pain, better walking abilities, balance and just learning to pay attention to how I am using my body.  I highly recommend the Feldenkrais Method for a way of life for anyone who would like to get the best of reducing stress from life!  What I love the best is that it is so very gentle to my over-sensitive body.  Ashley, you are a wonderful instructor with such a loving and professional attitude! Thank you so Very Much!!"


Santa Fe, NM

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Ashley is an incredibly kind and knowledgeable teacher and practitioner. I worked with her both one-on-one in Feldenkrais sessions as well as in her public Movnat and ATM classes. She is able to meet you exactly where you are at and her teachings are at once rich and accessible. Her love and passion for what she does genuinely comes through; she is absolutely delightful to work and study with.

Alex Stoller

Santa Fe, NM

"I was fortunate enough to combine a trip to Santa Fe with a number of sessions with Ashley. I’ve had ongoing back pain for the last couple of months, tried conventional therapies and nothing worked. Ashley is a wonderfully caring practitioner of Feldenkrais. She brings extensive knowledge and experience. The sessions helped a great with my back pain and she taught me exercises and new ways of moving that will continue to help. I can’t say enough about this experience, it was amazing."

Maria Bonnet


Ashley is a wonderful movement teacher. I have attended both her Feldenkrais and MovNat classes. She is skilled and articulate, and able to adapt the work to suit the individual student even in a group setting. Her passion for these modalities, combined with her expertise and understanding of the nature of human movement add a special dimension to the classes.

As a person with multiple disabilities, I have found Feldenkrais to be my number one tool for managing and easing my discomfort, and helping me to regain natural, comfortable movement in daily life. MovNat has given me strength and agility beyond what I ever imagined possible. The organic nature of these practices, both which emphasize movement without pain, allow them to benefit anyone who is interested, and Ashley is a wonderful teacher and guide.

Lauri Sipple


"Ashley, you make it seem like we are only rolling around on the floor, but I think you may have just re-organized my brain!  I hope I find a Feldenkrais teacher half as good as you in Seattle; you have that sunshine energy."  


Santa Fe, NM

"Ashley's Awareness Through Movement classes are wonderful! For one hour on Sunday I feel centered and reconnected with my body and ready for the week ahead! She has such a great grasp of her teachings and the lessons are always new and invigorating. I highly recommend for anyone who is already aware of Feldenkrais or new to the method. Classes are intimate and comfortable and I always feel welcomed by everyone. I will definitely be back!!"

Carson Baggett

Santa Fe, NM

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