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Awareness Through Movement Classes

Sunday 11:00 am - 12 :00 pm

Monday 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Single Class Drop-in  $18

This class takes place lying on the floor on a blanket or mat.  Taught through verbal cues, each class takes you through slow, small and gentle movements.  Coupled with sensory awareness cues, classes provide 60 minutes of unique, sequenced explorations that cultivate deep awareness and help you to access change in your habitual ways of doing things, so that you can discover what easy movement feels like, and how it relates to a sense of calm, smoothness, and self reliance in your life.  Classes have a wide range of themes including but not limited to:




-weight transfer

-gravity and floor support

-skeletal support

-eyes and vision

-nervous system regulation

-muscular tension & ease

-pain management

-awareness and sensory perception development

-developmental patterns


Participants often comment that these classes are unlike anything they've experienced before, and that despite the small and gentle nature of the movements, they feel noticeably different from when they first arrived - refreshed, with far fewer or completely diminished  aches and pains.  The movements explored in class, and the gentle guidance on how to do things slowly and with attention, continue to percolate in your nervous system throughout the week, allowing you to take these profound changes back into your daily life.  

This class is open to all levels, no prior experience necessary.


Fitness Classes

Monday 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Wednesday 9:00 am - 10:00 am

$18 Single Class Drop-in  

At the heart of this class is a focus on safe, natural form and technique, paired with a blend of Feldenkrais based principles and Natural Movement skills.  Ashley believes that natural movement should be accessible to all humans, and as such, meets each individual with attentive compassion and a scalable, adaptive approach so that everyone in class feels that they are welcome and met where they are at currently.  From here, anything is possible.  She provides safe and supportive feedback, and ideas about how you can bring more of these skills into your daily life. 


"When I discovered that I could move this way in all areas of my life - not just confined to one hour in the gym a few times a week - the world suddenly opened up and started to look like a playground.  I found myself noticing all kinds of opportunities to play with these movements - balance on curbs, walk on new textures, carry objects creatively, and I realized that I felt really vibrant, that my life was feeling more fun and more free.  This is what I aim to share with you."  - Ashley 


Movements in this class include but are not limited to:

-ground movement for increased flexibility, strength, and mobility

-breathing, and how to do it efficiently

-joint articulations, safe alignment

-crawling patterns

-variations  and skill building for getting up and down off of the floor safely

-balance skills on the floor and a variety of textures and surfaces

-attention to the importance of the foot and proprioception

-picking up and carrying heavy loads safely

-developing hand-eye coordination with catching and throwing skills

-efficient jumping and landing for joint and bone health

-hanging from a bar for grip strength and joint decompression

-fun and valuable interaction among students

While this class is adaptable to all levels, it is certainly more active than a Feldenkrais class, and you may want to contact Ashley first so that she has an understanding of where you are at, and how to best support you in class.

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