These Modern Times Are Challenging.

Your Movement Doesn't Have To Be.

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Ashley Rowe




I work with women and men of all ages to develop an engaging and sustainable movement practice that goes beyond reducing pain and rehabillitating injuries.  YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN A SET OF ROTE EXERCISES.  I am dedicated to helping you discover ease, recover your birthright-given natural human movement, a build a simple pathway to pain-free, easy and sustainable movement that is yours, for



Discover Ease in Movement

My aim is to help you discover ease in movement.  To uncover the realization that movement does not have to be painful, laborious or boring.  To experience what it is to recover your full potential at any stage of life.  

Maybe you're tired of running your body into the ground.  

It's possible you've been in pain for a long time.  

Perhaps the traditional medical and rehabilitation approaches just aren't doing anything for you. 



Reconnect to natural human movement.

Find your innate capability to exercise in a way that safely builds strength & agility, nurtures flexibility & mobility, and allows you to move in a way that truly feels good for your mind and body. 


You are biologically wired to move naturally, to move like a human being - think crawling, sitting and moving around comfortably on the floor, getting up and down off the floor efficiently, breathing optimally, balancing on a variety of surfaces without falling, walking without aches and pains, picking up and carrying heavy objects safely, throwing and catching with apt hand-eye coordination, jumping without jostling your joints, maintaining grip strength to hold heavy objects and hang from a bar...


These are movements we all once did as children, movements our ancestors all utilized for survival; this type movement, natural movement, is fun, freeing, vital, and it is your human birthright


Discover Ease in Movement.

Reconnect to Natural Human Movement.

Potentiate Your Capability, At Any Stage of Life

When running your body into the ground, and the traditional approach to rehabilitation and fitness just aren't working...