What Does 'Moving Naturally' Really Have to Do With Me; And How to Get Started

What does "moving naturally" actually mean, and what does it have to do with your life currently?

Take a moment to click "play" and watch the video below. It pretty clearly identifies what it is to move naturally, and how that directly relates to us human beings.

As I watched the video, I thought, ah yes, this is so simple, so direct - this is at the heart of what I teach and share in my practice. This is Awareness Through Movement and Natural Movement at it's foremost and finest, and it's something we all begin with (so eloquently represented in the video) and something we all (potentially) cultivate and use for the rest of our lives. What does moving naturally have to do directly with you? Everything. These natural movements, these are our basic, fundamental human rights; these natural movements are non-negotiable's, recognized and nurtured from birth through early childhood; but often forgotten thereafter.

We humans have a brain for movement (read more about this in Norman Doidge's phenomenal book, The Brain's Way of Healing Itself), and as such, we have some very basic, essential movements which sustain us through life; they are at the forefront of our basic survival. It's so clear when you look at the video, this is how we grow and develop into the world.

What becomes less clear, to me, is looking at the current state of society and seeing a spread of daily routines and activities that include movements that look nothing like the video above.

Instead we see an enormous amount of this: (sitting)