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Updates for Fall 2018

As many of you know, I've been in the process of re-locating my classes to a new studio that will be home to a number of new class offerings (and workshops in 2019!). I'm very excited to welcome you all to the new studio at Heal: 826 Camino de Monte Rey, Unit B2

Schedule: Beginning Sunday, Oct 14

Sunday's at 11 am - Awareness Through Movement Class A continuation of the on-going ATM class I've been teaching at Luisa street since 2013. Monday's at 11 am - Awareness Through Natural Movement Class This class will utilize MovNat's full spectrum of Natural human Movement (ground movement, transitioning from sitting to standing, crawling, balancing, lifting, carrying, hanging, jumping, vaulting) with an on-going emphasis on the deep awareness and self use principles from Feldenkrais. More active than a Feldenkrais class, we'll restore and refine efficiency in a variety of movements that carry over into your daily life to support you in staying active, strong, comfortable and pain free.

Monday's at 12:15 pm - Awareness Through Movement Class Join us for mid-day Feldenkrais class where we'll continue to explore gentle movement coupled with guided attention and sensory cues that help you discover how to move more easily, without pain, and to cultivate a more complete sense of self. *Please note, I will be out of town this weekend through the beginning of October. No classes will be held until Sunday, Oct 14.

Any Questions?

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the new space and schedule. You can reach me via email, phone, or website. I look forward to moving with you all in October! Warmly, Ashley

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