Natural Foot Function + New York Times article: "Born to Walk Barefoot”

There are so many benefits to restoring natural foot function, especially through the process of minimizing shoes and spending time barefoot. Below you'll find my brief overview of the human foot, how shoes shape us, and why going barefoot matters. A great article called "Born to Walk Barefoot" came out in the New York Times this summer, and you can read this pertinent piece here.


Humans are born with the capacity to develop strong, resilient, and pain-free feet. For most of human history, our ancestors walked barefoot, or in minimal, soft soled shoes. It is only in recent times that we have lost our ability, and our opportunity, to walk and move shoe-free.

In modern day culture, young children and their growing, adaptable feet are put into a variety of closed toe, narrow, stiff and rubber soled shoes. If you take a look at these shoes, more often than not they look nothing like the natural, wide, toe-spread foot of a baby.

The shape of our feet when we are born.

The shape of our feet after years of wearing narrow, hard soled, non-human-foot shaped shoes.

From childhood to adulthood, we s